R1 Hunt: Showdown


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About Hunt: Showdown


Windows 1903-2004

Intel Processor

GPT Partition on windows drive

Secure boot disabled

UEFI mode in bios


Character esp:
   - Players
   - Grunts
   - Water devils
   - Meatheads
   - Immolators
   - Leeches
   - Assassins
   - Spiders
   - Hell hounds
   - Butchers

Object esp:
   - Bear traps
   - Clues
   - Supply boxes (ammo, health, items) (hides when its looted).
   - Melee weapons
   - Throwable weapons (lamps, etc)
   - Explodable objects (hides when its exploded).
   - Hunter loot
   - Dying horses (hides when its dead).
   - Birds
   - Dog in cages
   - Chicken in coops
   - Weapon crate
   - Attractors (hides when broken).
   - Oil
   - Extraction points

   - Works on all characters & npc's.

   - Weapon: 
     - Toggle + slider for weapon no spread.

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