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  • R1 Modern Warfare Hacks: Even The Playing Field and Get Ahead in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


    R1 Modern Warfare Hacks: Even The Playing Field and Get Ahead in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Released in 2019, Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first person shooter video game. As well as an extensive single player campaign mode, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare includes Warzone. Warzone has two modes: plunder and battle royale.

    Since the game was released millions of players have enjoyed dropping in to Verdansk and battling it out for the win. You can play alone or in a squad of up to three. You can compete with the best in the world. You need an edge. A way to win. A way to make sure your team are the ones left standing holding the money in plunder, or the sole survivors in Battle Royale.

    With R1 Modern Warfare Hacks MW Forum Access you can get that edge. You will unlock access to a wide array of Modern Warfare cheats that you can use to ensure you have as much fun as everyone else.

    It’s easy to sign up, and amazingly good value too. Starting at just $9 a day for access, and with huge savings on weekly and monthly plans, you can get ahead with Modern Warfare hacks starting right now. Sign up today and start racking up more wins.

    What do I get with R1 Modern Warfare Hacks Access?

    In short, ways to win. Let’s go over each of those ways in more specific detail, and show you how each of the Modern Warfare cheats will help you to get better results when playing Warzone. 

    MW Aimbot

    The most useful of all the Modern Warfare hacks is by far the aimbot that you unlock and use when you buy access to the R1 Modern Warfare Hacks forums. The MW Aimbot from R1 Modern Warfare Hack is highly configurable. This means you stay in control of your gaming experience and tailor the aimbot to suit you.

    With the Warzone Aimbot from R1 Modern Warfare Hacks you can lock onto targets to make sure you get the kill. You can assign multiple aimbot keys. The aimbot uses humanized smoothing so that you still get the full game experience. It allows for visibility checks so you can see if your enemies know where they’re getting shot from. The aimbot works with your FOV so you can accurately hit enemies you can see. It has smart bone selection which will aim at the nearest visible bone if the one that you have selected is not visible.

    Best of all, the MW Aimbot from R1 Modern Warfare Hacks is a hardware emulated mouse aimbot which makes it very safe to use. Never worry about getting caught using R1 Modern Warfare Hacks.


    Triggerbot is another incredible Modern Warfare hack. Use the MW Aimbot from R1 Modern Warfare Hacks to acquire targets, and kill them dead with Triggerbot. R1 Modern Warfare Hacks triggerbot makes winning games so simple and easy you’ll be laughing all the way to the top of the leader boards. Use it with other R1 Modern Warfare Hacks and you really will see improved results.

    Modern Warfare ESP

    Another of the great Modern Warfare 2019 cheats available when you buy R1 Modern Warfare Hacks access is the MW ESP. ESP (extra sensory perception) software allows you to do more than you ever thought possible to get those kills and wins.

    The MW ESP is highly configurable. You always stay in control of the fun you have when playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Wazone. Using R1 Modern Warfare Hacks MW cheats only ever makes the game more fun for you.

    With the Modern Warfare ESP you can make sure your enemies are dead. You can double check that other players are on your team and/or friendlies. You can see bones outlined so that you can hit those clip-worthy shots. You can even check distance and visibility. All in an easy to read screen that shows you the data simply. It’s like having superpowers and is a Modern Warfare hack you’ll use again and again.

    Item ESP

    Another of the great benefits of buying R1 Modern Warfare Hacks is item ESP. This software, as with all the Modern Warfare cheats from R1 Modern Warfare Hacks is highly customisable. It will allow you to see information about an item easily so you can save time. No more wasting valuable exposure on loot that isn’t worth it. Use this and the other Modern Warfare 2019 cheats today. Loot better. Die less.

    R1 Modern Warfare Hacks Uses HWID Spoofer!

    You never have to worry about getting a hardware ban when using R1 Modern Warfare Hacks Modern Warfare cheats, because R1 Modern Warfare Hacks uses a HWID spoofer. The spoofer masks your physical addresses so that even if the servers catch you out, they can’t ban your hardware. It’s a double layer of protection so you can be assured of being able to play and enjoy the game while using R1 Modern Warfare Hacks.

    R1 Modern Warfare Hacks Forum Access

    You don’t just get all of the tools described above to elevate your game and get more wins when you buy access. You also get access to the R1 Modern Warfare Hacks forums where players share tips and tricks for getting better at the game. Tap into that knowledge base and use the power of the hivemind to get better and get more wins.


    Buying access to R1 Modern Warfare Hacks is easy and safe. It is also great value.

    ·         One day of access costs 9 USD

    ·         Buy 7 days of access for 25 USD and save 38 USD

    ·         Buy 30 days of access for just 50 USD and save a massive 220 USD.

    As should be obvious, the best value is by buying access for 30 days at a time. Saving over 200 bucks a month is a no brainer for most people. Imagine being able to save 200 bucks on rent just because you paid monthly instead of giving it your landlord each day!


    In order to gain access to all of the incredible features that you get with R1 Modern Warfare Hacks, it is required that you are running an Intel CPU. AMD cpus are not supported at this time. You also need to be running Windows 10, 1809-1909. You can check which specific version of Windows 10 you’re running in the Windows Specifications section of the System>About menu in Windows settings.

    Buy Access Today and Start Getting Those Wins

    With R1 Modern Warfare Hacks MW Cheats, you can be confident that your k/d will sky rocket and your win rate will improve. The MW Aimbot and the Modern Warfare ESP really will help you take your game to the next level. With these simple and effective Modern Warfare Multiplayer cheats you can compete with the absolute best out there.

    For the low price of just 9 USD a day, and even less when you pay for 30 days at a time, you can see use the knowledge, experience, and software that so many top players have access to, when you buy access to the R1 Modern Warfare Hacks forums today. Don’t waste another day getting frustrated and rage quitting. Buy access today and start killing your enemies and winning your games.

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