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    R1 for PUBG - Best Cheats!


    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer game that uses the all-popular Battle Royale format. It was actually inspired by the Japanese film itself, which was hugely popular after its release in the year 2000. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an immersive experience, whereby players find themselves catapulted onto a deserted island and have to navigate the wilderness and other threats. They then have to source items that will come in useful for their own survival. Alongside this, they have to watch out for the threat of other players, as it’s each player or team for themselves in this highly competitive game. Another further threat within the design of the game is that the safe, playable area on the map shrinks as time goes on. So, you find yourself with less area to play in, as players are pushed into smaller spaces and urged to battle it out.

    Released in 2017, PUBG has grown to be extremely popular amongst fans of Battle Royale style games. Due to the competitive nature of these games, it’s only expected that a range of hacks and cheats have been developed to enhance gameplay. One of the most reputable sources having released the best hacks available is R1 for PUBG cheats. We’re here to describe just why that is, and how you can use these hacks to transform your multiplayer Battle Royale experience with a few clicks. Read on to hear about the amazing things on offer when you decide to start playing with R1 for PUBG access.


    How Can R1 for PUBG Access Give You Impressive In-Game Skills?


    R1 for PUBG access comes with the highly exclusive ability to use the range of cheats available for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. You’d struggle to find a better option for accessing these amazing cheats, so R1 is the perfect forum and hack provider all in one. Gaming can be difficult, especially as other players around us continue to hone their skills and use refined hacks and cheats.

    PUBG is one of those strikingly competitive games that will have you filled with rage if you’re being attacked from all angles! This anger only gets worse when it seems like everyone around you is making use of the new cheats being released… Skip the frustration with R1 for PUBG access, where you’ll have unlimited options with a range of cheats and hacks to use. Please note that Intel CPU is supported, whereas AMD is not. The hacks require use of Windows 1809-1909 to work.


    Here are just a few of the ways that R1 for PUBG access will help you reach new successes and stun opponents in a breeze.


    ·         Attack the enemy with intelligent aimbots
    As always, aimbots are common within this genre of game! The R1 aimbots for PUBG are highly intelligent, so you can target the enemy with ease. You’ll have the ability to lock on to targets, with multiple aimbot keys. Choose to use either memory or mouse aimbots, and even toggle whether you want to see the enemy’s skeleton outline for better targeting.

    ·         Do more with player ESP
    Highly configurable and easy to navigate, R1’s player ESP cheats will enable you to have a much better sense of visibility. You’ll be able to perceive the distance between yourself and other players, deciding quickly whether they’re a threat or not. You can see health stats, bones, and there’s also a handy team/friendly checker to help you play the game much smoother.

    ·         Utilise the visibility radar for easy play
    The radar allows you to see other players in an easy manner, so you can either hide from them and avoid battle or target them yourself.

    ·         Rest assured it’s 100% streamproof
    Some streaming software actually has the ability to see those users using hacks and cheats. It’s a particularly annoying development that is actually of no risk when using R1 for PUBG access to use hacks and cheats! R1 cheats remain entirely undetected by stereaming software, particularly such as OBS.

    ·         Absolutely no risk of hardware bans
    The cheats and hacks used on the forums cleverly use a HWID spoofer. HWID is the unique hardware ID associated with your computer, so HWID spoofers re-generate new HWIDs that allow you to play carefree without the risk of hardware bans!

    ·         Play with smart item ESP
    The smart in-game item ESP will mean you can achieve much, much more. Don’t get bogged down with the realities of not having access to all the information you need at a glance! The smart item ESP comes with death box and care package tools. It also allows you to easily categorise items into sections. Play with less fuss! The settings are adjustable, so as usual, you can play just how you wish.


    Gain Access to the Best PUBG Cheats Around with R1


    As the number one cheat and hack forums for these kinds of games, R1 grants you exclusive access to all the PUBG cheats you need with just a simple subscription. You can cancel whenever you like, so feel free to try it out for a short time. Once you’ve gained access to the new skills that come with R1 for PUBG access, though, you likely won’t want to look back! Using hacks and cheats such as these can heighten your multiplayer experience immensely, impressing friends and enemies alike as you become of no competition whatsoever to them.

    Gaining access to the best PUBG cheats is as simple as subscribing to gain R1 access. You can subscribe from just $15.00 a day. The subscription is re-billed on a recurring basis, so you can cancel whenever you decide to. For the best money-saving options, you’ll do better to sign up for a longer subscription period. For $40 USD over 7 days, you’ll save $65 a week! For the longer option, you can pay $80 for one month. This will grant you amazing savings of a total $370! Don’t miss out. You can subscribe to R1 access for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds here – start impressing your friends and slaying your enemies now.

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