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  • Warning: Ring1 mods only work on intel processors!!
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    • Apex Legends: What Does R1 Apex Cheats Have to Offer

      Considered the Best Multiplayer Game of 2019 by The Game Awards, winning Best Multiplayer Game at the BAFTAs and named Best First-Person Shooter by PC Gamer, Apex Legends is the unparalleled multiplayer shooter game available for download on PS4, Origin and Xbox One.

      One of the most popular Battle Royale games to date, Apex Legends is the ultimate survival game, allowing you to combine forces and develop a highly skilled squad you can work alongside in achieving legendary status.

      Since its release, players have been stunned by the range of gaming hacks available within Apex Legends. It’s now almost impossible to achieve championship status without taking advantage of the huge array of in-game hacks. Access to the R1 forums for Apex Legends will give you instant access to amazing in-game hacks that you can utilise to ensure you reach the top of that leaderboard in no time. Without minimising the enjoyment of gameplay, you’ll have access to the many cheats that players have been using since the game’s release.


      What is R1 Apex Cheats?


      R1 grants you unlimited access to the Apex Legends forum, where you can take advantage of undetected gaming hacks that improve your gameplay experience. With thousands upon thousands of users, R1 is a system of forums with game hacks that can enhance your gameplay skills, bringing your squad to ultimate Legendary status. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the exclusive range of in-game Apex Legends hacks we have to offer. Alongside the basics, there are a range of user-friendly toggle ability options, so you can play the game exactly as you wish.


      What Does R1 Apex Cheats Have to Offer?


      R1 Apex Access allows you into the forums that have the best Apex Legends hacks available today. You’ll be granted access to the best in-game hacking mods available, amazing your friends and fellow players with new skills that they aren’t able to unlock without using R1 Apex Cheats. A range of in-game mods are available, from Apex Legends ESP to Apex Legends aimbots

      Ensure you’re winning the matches you participate in by using the exclusive Apex Legends aimbot, making sure you hit your targets every time. The Apex Legends ESP allows you to further boost your in-game skills and techniques, making the game more fun for the duration of the time you have your subscription access to R1 Apex Cheats.

      Our R1 Apex Cheats are highly configurable, so you can adjust settings to suit your own preferences. Alongside this, there are multiple visibility checks, and in battle mode you can toggle on and off to improve screen visibility. These hacks are designed to be user friendly and make the gaming experience the best it can be for those who decide to use them. You can toggle ESP settings by rarity, choose exactly what you want to see while you play. Other options that can be adjusted are glow outline, locking onto targets and there are also multiple aim key configurations. Enhance your gameplay today with R1 for Alex access hacks, including Apex Legends aimbot and ESP hacks!

      Available in a variety of prices that will suit any user, R1 Apex Cheats is available in the following packages. Playing for a longer period of time? Take advantage of the money-saving guarantees we have to offer below.


                 Per day - $9.00

                 Per 7 days – $25.00 (save $38.00!)

                 1 month - $50.00 (save $220.00!)


      Save up to an amazing $220.00 when you opt in to our 1 month offer on Apex hacks, for just $50 a month. This gives you unlimited access to the Apex Legends hacks forums within that month, enabling you to use in-game hacks quickly and seamlessly. The selection you opt for auto renews, so you don’t have to worry about signing up for access again and again. Save time and money with the range of subscription options we have on offer today. Simply cancel the subscription once you no longer require access, and your auto renewal period will cease. It’s as easy as that to begin your new Apex Legends hacking game experience - with a huge variety of options available to those who subscribe for access. Gain immediate access today. What’s more, the hacks remain undetected by anti-cheat systems, which you can read more about below...


      R1 Apex Cheats is Fully Undetected by Easy Anti-Cheat!


      With other in-game mods and hacks available on the market, there is the potential risk of your cheats becoming detected by anti-hacking software used by many multiplayer games. As game developers become more aware of the range of hacks and how they work, they use newer software that has the ability to quickly detect in-game hacks. The idea behind this is that hacks are eliminated, so that they cannot be used in-game. The issue with this is that your account can be deleted or compromised, as soon as the game realises you have been using hacks and cheats to play.

      As the leading service working to combat in-game multiplayer cheating, Easy Anti-Cheat is one of the core reasons behind why many game hacks become detected and cease to work within the game. R1 Apex Cheats remains fully undetected by Easy Anti-Cheat’s systems, so you can play and use Apex Hacks safely - without fear of detection. Protect your account with R1 Apex Cheats – there’s no need to compromise your gameplay efforts by using unsafe hacking software that might lead to account deletion and the loss of all that time.

      Overcoming hybrid anti-cheat technology with its unparalleled innovations, R1 Apex Cheats is the safest gaming hack available for use with Apex Legends. Don’t miss out – take advantage of what R1 has to offer with its range of Apex Legends hacks now. Play the game the best way you possibly can!

      Please note that R1 Apex Hacks will not work if you are using an AMD processor. The software for Apex hacks will only work if you use Intel CPU on Windows 1809 – 1909.


      R1 Apex Cheats: Making Apex Legends more Fun


                 What is R1 Apex Cheats?

      R1 Apex Cheats grants you access to amazing hacking forums that allow you to use in-game cheats. The extensive array of cheats on offer within these forums will ensure you can rise to the top of the game, working together with the other players in your team to achieve Legendary status.


                 What Does R1 Apex Cheats Have to Offer

      With a range of options available, you can make use of multiple Apex Legends hacks all at once. Stun others in the highly popular multiplayer game with the new abilities you have as a result of using Apex Legends hacks, such as Apex Legends esp and Apex Legends aimbot. You’ll get yourself to the top of that leaderboard in no time!


                 R1 Apex Cheats Legends Hacks is Fully Undetected by Easy Anti-Cheat!

      With R1 Apex Legends Access, you don’t have to worry about the fact you’re using hacks being detected. This can lead to a range of issues with your account, however R1 is specially designed to remain undetected by anti-cheat systems. This lets you play with Apex Legends hacks safely, letting you enjoy the game more!





      Intel CPU only, AMD is not supported

      Windows 1809 - 1909


      Toggleable mode. Configure exactly what should be visible for player esp and item esp while toggled on. Very useful for when you want a clearer screen during fights.


      Highly configurable!

      Team check



      Visibility checks

      Outline Glow manager


      ITEM ESP

      Toggleable rareness



      Highly configurable!

      Visibility checks

      Smart bone selection (can aim at the nearest visible bone if preferred bone not visible)

      Humanized smoothing

      Lock target

      Multiple aimkey configurations



      No risk of hardware bans!

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